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Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable the automated trading and settlement of energy transactions in real-time.


Tinia innovation combines the power of AI and blockchain to create a highly secure and transparent platform that allows energy producers and consumers to directly exchange energy without the need for intermediaries.

Our platform incorporates a range of data analytics tools and smart contracts that help users optimize their energy usage and ensure secure and transparent transactions.

We enable the creation of microgrids, increasing energy efficiency and reliability by promoting the use of renewable energy sources and enabling more localized energy production and distribution.




Blockchain technology for  secure and transparent energy transactions.


Peer-to-peer energy transactions and reducing reliance on centralized energy sources.


Promoters of sustainability in the energy industry by incentivizing the production and sale of renewable energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.


Working with grid operators, policymakers, and other stakeholders to develop new standards and initiatives that promote sustainability, efficiency, and resilience.


Using advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain to optimize energy production and consumption in real-time.


Enabling the creation of microgrids and increasing energy independence to reduce the impact of power outages and other disruptions.


Continuously exploring new technologies and solutions that can help addressing the challenges facing the energy industry.

Tinia's vision

Creating a more sustainable and resilient energy system to accelerate the net zero process by promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources, encouraging energy efficiency, enabling peer-to-peer energy transactions, and increasing transparency in the energy industry.

Tinia is helping to create a more sustainable and resilient energy system that supports the transition to a net-zero carbon emissions world by collaborating with stakeholders, policymakers, universities and other experts.

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the game changer

aims to become the standard OS for Decentralised Energy Resources by 2030

Brings data, predictability & trust for the future grid and producers.

We strive to establish a benchmark in the industry and actively promote it as a standardization endeavor.

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