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Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

At Tinia,  we’re committed to creating a more sustainable and efficient energy system for everyone. 

Peer-to-peer energy trading is the direct exchange of energy between energy producers and consumers, without the need for intermediaries such as utilities or energy companies.

Tinia is facilitating peer-to-peer energy trading through its advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI. Tinia’s platform enables secure and transparent energy transactions in real-time, ensuring that energy producers are paid fairly for the energy they generate and that energy consumers receive the energy they have paid for.


Using Tinia for peer-to-peer energy trading offers several benefits, including increased transparency, reduced transaction costs, greater flexibility, and the promotion of sustainable energy practices.

Tinia’s platform is designed to be secure, transparent, and efficient, providing a range of features that enable users to manage their energy consumption and production, participate in peer-to-peer energy transactions, and promote sustainability in the energy industry.



By enabling peer-to-peer energy transactions through our platform, households can directly exchange energy with one another without the need for intermediaries.

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Our platform's peer-to-peer energy transactions can help to reduce transaction costs by eliminating intermediaries and enabling direct exchange of energy between producers and consumers.

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Grid Operators

Through microgrids that can operate independently or in conjunction with larger grids, our platform can help to increase grid resilience and reduce the impact of power outages.

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Peer-to-peer for local communities

By enabling households to directly exchange energy with one another through our platform, we can help to empower local communities and promote a more decentralized energy system.

Green Digital Certificate using blockchain technology for trust & traceability

The use of green certificates incentivizes the production and sale of renewable energy, which is an important step towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting sustainable energy practices.

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