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TINIA Grid Operating System

The Game Changer

Tinia Grid OS is an innovative operating system that is creating a new standard for energy consumption.


By using advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain, Tinia is transforming the way energy is produced, distributed, and consumed, promoting sustainability and resilience in the energy industry.

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Tinia Grid OS enables real-time monitoring and optimization of energy consumption, reducing energy waste and promoting the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.


It provides a secure and transparent way to track energy transactions through our trading platform, ensuring that energy producers are paid fairly for the energy they generate and that energy consumers receive the energy they have paid for.

Tinia Grid OS is helping to create a more sustainable and resilient energy system by creating a new standard for energy consumption, using advanced technologies and secure, transparent transaction processes to promote sustainability in the energy industry.

Tailored Solutions for

energy trading


By enabling peer-to-peer energy transactions through our platform, households can directly exchange energy with one another without the need for intermediaries.

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energy trading


Our platform's peer-to-peer energy transactions can help to reduce transaction costs by eliminating intermediaries and enabling direct exchange of energy between producers and consumers.

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energy trading

Grid Operators

Through microgrids that can operate independently or in conjunction with larger grids, our platform can help to increase grid resilience and reduce the impact of power outages.

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Empowerment of local communities

By enabling households to directly exchange energy with one another through our platform, we can help to empower local communities and promote a more decentralized energy system.

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