Disruptive Blockchain Enabled Micro Grid & Energy Delivery Chain Resilience Solutions

Our Mission

We are committed to promoting a sustainable future by facilitating the adoption of solar energy, with a focus on ensuring fair pricing and safety in the entire value chain, from production to distribution.

Tailored solutions

The versatility of our solution makes it suitable for every sector,

including households, companies, grid operators, and solar farms.

For households

By using the Tinia solution, PV system owners have access to a powerful tool that enables them to check the health of their system and attain complete transparency on energy production and transaction.

For Companies

Tinia provides AI-powered software solutions to businesses across various industries through a subscription-based model. Additionally, Tinia may license its AI and machine learning technology for businesses to use for their internal operations or integrate it with their existing systems.

For Grid Operators

Tinia’s platform is designed to be customizable to match the individual needs of each customer. By collecting and analyzing vast quantities of data, the platform provides in-depth insights and recommendations to facilitate informed decision-making and enhance operational efficiency.

Tinia Solar Park

Solar farms can achieve optimized operations and reduced waste through Tinia’s accurate predictions of energy production and consumption, enabled by its powerful AI algorithms. Tinia’s platform provides real-time monitoring of energy production and consumption, allowing for quick issue identification and taking corrective actions.

The new Energy of Life

In the upcoming four years, solar energy will surpass all other forms of energy production, becoming the leading energy source globally, according to the International Energy Agency.


Tinia’s solution enables solar energy producers to transact energy securely and transparently and achieve predictability within their networks.

Latest Updates and News

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